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Issue 26

Summer 2018

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Inside Summer 2018: Natalie Rogers-Cropper / Jeff Beal / Aaron Delehanty / Steve Olufsen / Laura Olufsen / Harry Reis / Joe Mulholland / Brian Vierhile / Parker Grobe / Devon Goodbody / Daniel Armbruster / Sami Mina / Genaro Felix / Juan Guevara / Courtney Craig / Callie Babbitt / Doug Emblidge / Captain L. J. Fisher / Pat Rapp / Lisa Baron / Sally Parker / Che Holloway / Brittany Brandt / Ian Wilson / Erin Williams / Naomi Nakanishi / Sarah Swan / Wayne E. Budd / Diarra Bell / Dan Watson / Joe Altieri


Issue 25

Spring 2018

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Inside Spring 2018: Jessica Cantlon / Holly B. Heckler / Paul Burrows / Eric LaClair / David Gayle / Justyn Iannucci / Jamison Clark Anna Liebel / Mike Tarantello / R. Roger Remington / Jennifer Whitlock / Tanvi Asher / Sean Wolf / John Fanning / Steven Lara / Rachel Barnhart / Sabrina Vogler / River Lynch / Jennifer Fish-Krasz / Alan Murphy / Andy Babiuk Rick Hanson / Kim Williams / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi / Martin Seligman / Jan Gillespie / Jeffrey Schumacher / Aesha Ash / Charles “Chuck Delux” Nicoli / Elizabeth Lenz / Ginny Clark / Renee Columbo / John G. Hanhardt


Issue 24

Winter 2017/18

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Inside Winter 2017/18: Melanie and Steve Shapiro of Token, mathematician Amanda Tucker, Krudco's Aaron Costa, and chef+artist Dan Eaton. We talk with WXXI's Megan Mack, Roc Girl Gang's Sarah Knight, The Owl House's Matty Miller, and ask Rochester about ghosts and holidays past. We learn about Jonathan Schroeder & Janet Borgerson's love for vinyl, and profile the Lazurus Project's efforts to restore aged manuscripts. Dan Martello makes a winter citrus salad, and Juan & Maria show us their Chilean bean soup. We discuss Kombucha and we meet the lifeblood of our local restaurant scene: the dishwashers. SPECIAL SECTION: new answers inside Rochester's heroin epidemic.


Issue 23

Fall 2017

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Inside Fall 2017: Andy Buck at RIT, Edgar Praus, Rachel McKibbens, and Darren Stevenson. Refugees starting over in Rochester. The Art School partnership between the MAG and the RCSD. Rochester's social worker shortage at Child Protective Services. Jess Antonow's hand lettering and Evyn Morgan's Instagram. Kim Weitsman's favorite spots in Skeneateles. We make honey roasted carrots with Dan Martello and chicken French with Whitey Proietti. We tour culinary hot spots on South Clinton, learn the nuts and bolts of Kosher food, hear stories of becoming bee keepers, and study the benefits of a plant-based diet with Dr. Thomas Campbell. All this and more!


Issue 22

Summer 2017

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Inside Summer 2017: The incomparable Danielle Ponder, Molly Flaherty, and John "Magnus" Champlin. Interstellar Motors, the Roc Paint Division, and paintings by Emily Glass. We learn how to make Russell Ferguson's semifreddo and Dan Martella's cucumber & avocado soup. We share a summer cookout playlist and kick back with a Pimm's No. 1 cocktail. We visit the Kitchen in Pittsford, and hear NOSH's Joseph Zolnierowski share his culinary bookshelf. We consider the benefits of learning a second language, and trace local Native American linguistics back to the Kanien'kehà:ka language. We take a road trip to Geneva, and talk with Brandon and Amy Phillips of Miles & May Furniture Works. All this and more!


Issue 21

Spring 2017

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Inside Spring 2017: Rebecca Rafferty's book pick, Nicole Kazimer, Nancy Mann, and Linh Phillips. Rochester's Clergy under 30. The importance of humility. The scourge of buzzwords. University of Rochester's Ice Core team. Roadtrip music. Mari Blanchard's Instagram, Sean O'Donnell's virtual cuisine, Brian Van Etten's cookbook list, and Jenny Frederick's teas & tinctures. Pamela Carvalho and John Lauf's style. Cardoons Au Gratin, Olive Oil, and the iconic Manischewitz. Voula Katsetos-Stratton shows us how to make Baklava.


Issue 20

Winter 2016/17

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Inside Winter 2016/17: Interviews with Joel Seligman, Andy Stern, and Mikaela Davis. Style featuring Aimee Brown and Jon Schick. We ask why we never go to the gym, and how to raise a family during relationship struggles. We examine Rochester's unfathomable human trafficking problem. We take a trip through Asia with photographer Josh Bulriss and pick the best dinner music at home. We make a roasted cauliflower kale salad, the best-ever gnocchi, and find the best eggs on the market. We look at tasty alcohol-free drinks as well as Gerry and Anna Brinkman's go-to cookbook list. We find more local gift ideas and meet jewelry maker Boo Poulin.


Issue 19

Fall 2016

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Inside Fall 2016: Interviews with artist Susan Pullman Brooks, Super Bowl winner Roland Williams, criminology professor Irshad Altheimer, and legendary wine expert Sherwood Deutsch. We meet storysmith Karl Smith for chat on the Charlotte Pier. We take a ride in a hot air balloon, and ponder astronomy. We hear Rochesterians talk about paying dues, the best Sunday tunes, and favorite cookbooks. We visit three area farms with unique specialties in garlic, livestock, and alpacas. We take an inside look at segregation in Rochester's school districts. Dan Martello explains the finer points of salt and shows us three ways to prepare tomatoes. We learn how to make bread and how to impress your friends with cheese. Finally, we meet the creative duo behind Walke Moore Tools.


Issue 18

July/August 2016

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Inside July/August 2016: Wendell Castle, Carlson Cowork, and Karrie Laughton of Lux Lounge. Musings on push mowers, land mines, and life. Raising local in-season flowers, and our conversations on social media. We encounter a young heroin addict, and consider life and death on Facebook. Food: salt-crusted fish, smoke and cokesicle, the benefits of turmeric, and Giordano European Cheese Shop. Makers Jeffrey Müeller (stained glass) and Laura Seymour (Macramé).


Issue 17

May/June 2016

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Inside May/June 2016: Troy Rank and Maxwell Motorbikes, Maybird flies high, Austin McChord of Datto, and Mike Governale. UR medical students bring health care to the streets, and we look for healing in past lives. Our Food section includes raw artichoke salad, freezer jam, and cast iron in the kitchen. We talk to David Baran of Char, continue our Public Market conversations, and join the family meal at Max Chophouse. Makers include Amy Grigg and Brooke Albanese.


Issue 16

March/April 2016

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March/April 2016: Shaun Nelms bringing change to East High. Interviews with Chris Hogan-Roy, Teagan Ward, and Josh Owen. We look for hidden gems in our libraries and museums, visit Rochester Art Supply, and hear about John Emerson's worldwide search for the best fish. We share Christian Slye's tips for a home bar, learn how plants help us feel better, and have conversations at the Public Market. Our Food section includes bagels, Tulsi tea, and roasted parsnips with pomegranate glaze. Makers: David Lane DeMarte's leather goods, and Leif Mermagen's fishing nets.


Issue 15

January/February 2016

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January/February 2016: Watercolor artist Andrea Durfee, Actor Robert Forster, and Jeff Tyzik. Studio 678 Photography Club, Mesmerizing ceramics from Peter Pincus, Bonsai Trees from Bill Valavanis, and handcrafted goods from Matt Wittmeyer and Catherine Costanza. We talk with Erica Fee, Mark Iacona, Larry Moss, Mary Therese Friel, and Mark Cuddy. We ask Rochester "What is your favorite movie?" and hear the stories behind Rochesterians' tattoos. Dan Martello shows us a modern BLT with a side of cauliflower soup, we learn the secrets behind Kate Schlenker's pot pies, and we visit Rochester's iconic Fox's Deli. Finally, we ask "Is Hunger the root of Rochester's problems?"


Issue 14

November/December 2015

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November/December 2015: Andy Gallina and the One Job Initiative, Jack Garner, Matthew Spaull, Jamal Rossi, and Dalida Atallah. The Glorification of Busy, The Resurgence of the Cassette Tape, and What's on Rochester's Bucket List? A look at UR's extensive AIDS poster collection. Food: The benefits of fermented fare, and we drop in on Dan Martello's dinner party. Metal Sculptor Craig Wilson, Lavender Moon Herb Farm, and Fiction from Babette's Feast


Issue 13

September/October 2015

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Inside Issue 13: Interviews with Shawn Dunwoody, Jason & Stefanie Schwingle, Andre & Mabel Primus, and Helen & Scott Miller. Featuring Poverty in Rochester, Green Visions' community gardens, and the Business of College. We ask "what is memory?" and "what's on your mind?". Food features include the Genesee Brewery, K&S Bischoping's heirloom apples, apple & cheddar biscuits, how to eat lobster, and preserving your summer harvest. Makers include Matty Sonar, Clay Lieberman, and Amy Brand. Fiction by Ambrose Beirce.


Issue 12

July/August 2015

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Inside: Jonathan Binstock, The Dady Brothers, and Writers & Books founder Joe Flaherty. An essay by artist Mara Ahmed, and interviews with Amanda DeFisher, Ariane Krenichyn and Ferdinand J. Smith. An insightful conversation about what it means to be transgender, the challenges of helicopter parenting, and a look at what Rochester is listening to. We show you how to landscape with vegetables, and explain why dirt smells so good. Classic summer food including corn on the cob, roasted peppers, and strawberry blood orange Punch. Where's the best ice cream in town? We'll show you! Plus interviews with Makers Bill Reitz, Corey Fountain, Kevin Serwacki, and Chris Pallace- and more!


Issue 11

May/June 2015

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In this Issue: Talila Lewis and HEARD, Harmut "Hucky" Land, Alexander Pena, Ross Nadeau, Evan Dawson, and GOLDNRD. Open Letter Publishing, Teaching Non-Violence in Middle School, Rochester Reading, Rochester's Solar Energy Future and Teaching Photo Preservation. Food including Jim's Restaurant, How to Cut a Mango,Rhubarb Barbeque and Rochester's Chefs remember home cooking. Makers Tony Zanni, Kurt Ketchum, Lauren Blair and Fiction from Georgi Gospodinov.


Issue 10

March/April 2015

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In this Issue: Louise Slaughter, R. Wayne LeChase, Sister Grace Miller, Caitlin Yarsky, and Phillip Burke. Up front with Sniderman's Hardware, B.L.A.C.K., the Flower City Logo, e-Nabling the future at RIT, and Rochester's outdoor running groups. How negativity influences more than just your attitude. Local teens learn mindfulness and empathy through hospice care. Fiction from Sonja Livingston. Makers Carrie George, Richard Aerni, and Sara Silvio. Flour City Bread, Kopicki Apiaries, and Smugtown Mushrooms. Recipes for a classic braised chicken and a perfectly poached egg.


Issue 9

January/February 2015

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In this Issue: Charles Arena, Dr. Alice Holloway Young, Gerry Buckley, Dick Storms, and John Bernunzio. Winter Surfing, Urban Gardening, and St. Martin's Boxing Club. Makers Carol Acquilano, Jenn Libby, and Trevor Cranmer. Fiction by Joanna Scott. Food: Short Ribs, NY state cheese, organic chicken farming, Keuka County cornmeal, and Dicky's Bar.


Issue 8

Nov/Dec 2014

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Inside this issue: Steve Gadd. Dr. Ralph Pennino, Filmmaker Dave Marshall, and Strength Coach Greg Walsh. Going Hungry in Rochester.. and Are you and Introvert or Extrovert? Tsukasa Hatakeyama, Juilian Foster, and Alan Singer. One World Goods, Earthling Supply Co., Red Jacket Orchards, and Fruition Seeds. Makers Chara Dow, Brittany Isenberg, and Michael Galban. Food including Corn Bread Stuffing, Two-season Sangria, and The Iroquois White Corn Project.


Issue 7

Sept / Oct 2014

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Inside this issue: Chris Hartman, Salva Dut, Adam Frank, Georgena Terry, LDR Char Pit. Bill Coppard, 24 hours with Youngblood Proper Disposal, and The Red Barn's 50th birthday. We visit Rochester Animal Services on Verona Street, pour drinks with Rose Condello-Garcia, and find hidden treasures in the Finger Lakes. Rochester-born restaurateurs go national. Lagoner Farms, Fellenz Family Farm, Fisher Hill Farm, and Hurd Orchards keep farming in the family. The art of handwriting. Makers Dan Bentley, Cammy Enaharo, and Pat Smith- and much more!


Issue 6

July / August 2014

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Inside: Imani Dodley, The Inner Loop, GardenAerial, The Root of Happiness, the Genessee Center for the Arts and Education. Dr Ruth Lawrence, Jan McDonald, and Moses Robinson; How to recharge your soul and perspective with camping; Up Front with Rochester Parkour, Exploring the Burned-Over District, and Dudes Night Out. Makers Suzanne Kumar, Jason Tennant, and Lucinda Snyder; Food including Genesee Beer, The Lobster Trap, and Monk's Bread. Fiction from Mark Jabaut, and more!


Issue 5

May / June 2014

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The Emerson family, Frank De Blase, Denver Miller, and Judge Charles Siragusa, Jr. The future and past of Joseph Avenue. Plus Jim DeLucia, Virgin Wood Type, Meki Couture, and R Community Bikes. Food with Dan Martello including Marge's Lakeside Inn, Lipman's Market, Martusciello’s, and much more.


Issue 4

March/April 2014

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Inside: Dr Walter Cooper, Larry Glazer and Midtown Rising, Interviews with Betty Strasenburgh, Albert Paley, Arthur Vitoch, Tony Karakashian. The House of Guitars turns 50 and we spend 24 hours with RFD Engine #5. Homesteads for Hope, Dadstache Records, Craft Service, Truth Collective, and Brandtatorship. On being homeless in Rochester, the future of libraries, and fiction by Sejal A. Shah. Food including Tapas 177, R's Market, The Pizza Stop, and Joe Aiello. Makers Doug Turnbull, Nick Brandreth, and Sampa Lhundup.


Issue 3

January/February 2014

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Roc City Skatepark, John Kelly, Brother Wease, Salvatore Signorelli, Michael Welch, Johnnie Lee Smith, Charlie Fitzsimmons, and Rita Shane. Do Men and Women really think differently? Sweet Beez Honey, Carrie Mateosian, This Good World. Melt-away pancakes at Food at Fishers Landing, smothered meatballs at Rocky’s Italian Restaurant, gnocchi with spring vegetables at Brick-N-Motor food truck, and chocolate chip cookie pies at The Special Touch Bakery. Makers Ashley Landon, Tiny Fish, Peter Conners, and Steve Haarstick.


Issue 2

October/November 2013

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Inside: Helen Miller, Tom Richards, Heather Layton & Brian Bailey. Eric Zeller, Linda Moroney, Howie Jacobson, and Jerry Vorrasi. Is having faith the key to a peaceful death? Squash Blossom Farm, Ambrosia Acres, First Light Creamery, Lighthouse Gardens, Lakestone Family Farm, Growing Family Farms, White Oak Farm. Shop One2 at RIT. Iron Smoke Whiskey, Happy Earth Tea, Schutt's Apple Mill. Makers Sarah Rutherford, Nate Minnehan, and Mike Battle.


Issue 1

August/September 2013

Sold Out!

Our Premiere Issue: Michelle Cardulla, Louis Perticone, Francois Raoult, Ken Altfather, Greg Ahlquist, Jennifer Indovina, Reenah Golden. Project Scion and the Averell Council, East High School's Healthcare Clinic. Mark Cupola, Eat Me Ice Cream Sandwiches, Just Juice 4 Life.