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In this Issue: Talila Lewis and HEARD, Harmut "Hucky" Land, Alexander Pena, Ross Nadeau, Evan Dawson, and GOLDNRD. Open Letter Publishing, Teaching Non-Violence in Middle School, Rochester Reading, Rochester's Solar Energy Future and Teaching Photo Preservation. Food including Jim's Restaurant, How to Cut a Mango,Rhubarb Barbeque and Rochester's Chefs remember home cooking. Makers Tony Zanni, Kurt Ketchum, Lauren Blair and Fiction from Georgi Gospodinov.

Featured Articles from Issue 11


Up Comes the Sun

Could the use of solar energy be a key in bolstering our city’s poorest neighborhoods?

For Dr. Susan Spencer and a growing collection of community-driven optimists in Rochester, solar energy goes way beyond being environmentally conscious.


Hear No Evil

The horrendous injustices towards deaf inmates are not well-known. Talila Lewis and HEARD are working to change that.

Popular Articles From All Issues


Ancient Ice

A group of University of Rochester scientists is studying ice up to 800,000 years old to track ways global warming is affecting the Earth.


What Would Olmsted Do?

If Parcel 5 became a park, it might look like this

If Parcel 5 became a park, it might look like this


On a Mission

A group of University of Rochester medical students combs the streets of Rochester, looking for homeless people who need medical care. And gladly give it.


Heading East

Shaun Nelms leads the former East High back from the brink


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