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Inside Fall 2016: Interviews with artist Susan Pullman Brooks, Super Bowl winner Roland Williams, criminology professor Irshad Altheimer, and legendary wine expert Sherwood Deutsch. We meet storysmith Karl Smith for chat on the Charlotte Pier. We take a ride in a hot air balloon, and ponder astronomy. We hear Rochesterians talk about paying dues, the best Sunday tunes, and favorite cookbooks. We visit three area farms with unique specialties in garlic, livestock, and alpacas. We take an inside look at segregation in Rochester's school districts. Dan Martello explains the finer points of salt and shows us three ways to prepare tomatoes. We learn how to make bread and how to impress your friends with cheese. Finally, we meet the creative duo behind Walke Moore Tools.

Featured Articles from Issue 19


Dancing on Air

A husband and wife lift off in a hot air balloon, heeding their vow to experience life

Popular Articles From All Issues


Jessica Cantlon

A lead complainant in the federal UR case starts a new life while waiting for justice


Ancient Ice

A group of University of Rochester scientists is studying ice up to 800,000 years old to track ways global warming is affecting the Earth.


What Would Olmsted Do?

If Parcel 5 became a park, it might look like this

If Parcel 5 became a park, it might look like this


On a Mission

A group of University of Rochester medical students combs the streets of Rochester, looking for homeless people who need medical care. And gladly give it.


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