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Inside this issue: Steve Gadd. Dr. Ralph Pennino, Filmmaker Dave Marshall, and Strength Coach Greg Walsh. Going Hungry in Rochester.. and Are you and Introvert or Extrovert? Tsukasa Hatakeyama, Juilian Foster, and Alan Singer. One World Goods, Earthling Supply Co., Red Jacket Orchards, and Fruition Seeds. Makers Chara Dow, Brittany Isenberg, and Michael Galban. Food including Corn Bread Stuffing, Two-season Sangria, and The Iroquois White Corn Project.

Featured Articles from Issue 8


Corn Born in 1687

The Iroquois White Corn Project shares Ganondagan culture and tradition.

Situated near the roadside border of Iroquois White Corn inherited from the Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, leafy corn stalks stand resolute in the foreground of the 17-century bark longhouse replica.



´┐╝The world-renowned percussionist talks with POST publisher, Mike Calabrese.

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Ancient Ice

A group of University of Rochester scientists is studying ice up to 800,000 years old to track ways global warming is affecting the Earth.


What Would Olmsted Do?

If Parcel 5 became a park, it might look like this

If Parcel 5 became a park, it might look like this


On a Mission

A group of University of Rochester medical students combs the streets of Rochester, looking for homeless people who need medical care. And gladly give it.


Heading East

Shaun Nelms leads the former East High back from the brink


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