Honey home delivery? It’s just one of the many benefits Sweet Beez, Inc. has introduced to Rochester along with the trend of urban beekeeping.

Unbeknownst to those walking the street below, Sweet Beez hives sit happily on top of a warehouse on Exchange Street — one previously occupied by Foodlink, the nonprofit who played a huge role in their startup.

“We didn’t want to exist for the purpose of producing honey, but for the purpose of educating the public and inspiring new organizations here in town,” says Bryan Babcock, one of the founders.

Sweet Beez

To that end, Sweet Beez helped The Harley School build an apiary on top of their school and offered educational courses to students there. The organization also brought large observation hives to city youth in the 19th Ward for viewings and teachings. They provide rooftop apiary tours at Exchange Street and teach hive management at many locations, including vacant city lots and residential back yards. They mentor those interested in learning about beekeeping or managing their own hives.

And yes, Sweet Beez sells honey and will deliver it to your door, with 100 percent of the profits going towards these education and advocacy efforts. Now that’s sweet.

Sweet Beez