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Inside July/August 2016: Wendell Castle, Carlson Cowork, and Karrie Laughton of Lux Lounge. Musings on push mowers, land mines, and life. Raising local in-season flowers, and our conversations on social media. We encounter a young heroin addict, and consider life and death on Facebook. Food: salt-crusted fish, smoke and cokesicle, the benefits of turmeric, and Giordano European Cheese Shop. Makers Jeffrey Müeller (stained glass) and Laura Seymour (Macramé).

Featured Articles from Issue 18

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Robert Forster

The Academy Award-nominated actor chats with us about the past, the present, and never giving up


Heading East

Shaun Nelms leads the former East High back from the brink


Domino Effect

Hunger may be at the very root of Rochester’s problems—from low graduation rates to high rates of violent crimes.


Inside Out

Watercolor artist Andrea Durfee goes with the flow


Earth to JOSANA

Neighborhood gardens planted in one of the city’s most impoverished areas prove small can be big.


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