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Inside Issue 13: Interviews with Shawn Dunwoody, Jason & Stefanie Schwingle, Andre & Mabel Primus, and Helen & Scott Miller. Featuring Poverty in Rochester, Green Visions' community gardens, and the Business of College. We ask "what is memory?" and "what's on your mind?". Food features include the Genesee Brewery, K&S Bischoping's heirloom apples, apple & cheddar biscuits, how to eat lobster, and preserving your summer harvest. Makers include Matty Sonar, Clay Lieberman, and Amy Brand. Fiction by Ambrose Beirce.

Featured Articles from Issue 13


Harvesting History

A Williamson farm that’s known for its unusually shaped, but wonderfully tasting, heirloom apples.


Faces Of Poverty

Rochester is the only U.S. city of its size where more than half of children live in poverty. Local social documentary photographer Arleen Thaler shows us some of the faces behind the statistic we tend to overlook.


Earth to JOSANA

Neighborhood gardens planted in one of the city’s most impoverished areas prove small can be big.

Popular Articles From All Issues


Ice Cream

The best in town & where to get it.

Parlors, creameries, and even the clanging summons of the ice cream truck turn loyalty to tradition. Explore unfamiliar routes and make an ice cream pilgrimage this summer.


Up Comes the Sun

Could the use of solar energy be a key in bolstering our city’s poorest neighborhoods?

For Dr. Susan Spencer and a growing collection of community-driven optimists in Rochester, solar energy goes way beyond being environmentally conscious.


Hear No Evil

The horrendous injustices towards deaf inmates are not well-known. Talila Lewis and HEARD are working to change that.


Finding Burke


Taking one step forward and then back, Philip Burke approaches a blank canvas the same way a contemplative and unusually sensitive matador, in a better world, might face a bull.


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