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Inside: Jonathan Binstock, The Dady Brothers, and Writers & Books founder Joe Flaherty. An essay by artist Mara Ahmed, and interviews with Amanda DeFisher, Ariane Krenichyn and Ferdinand J. Smith. An insightful conversation about what it means to be transgender, the challenges of helicopter parenting, and a look at what Rochester is listening to. We show you how to landscape with vegetables, and explain why dirt smells so good. Classic summer food including corn on the cob, roasted peppers, and strawberry blood orange Punch. Where's the best ice cream in town? We'll show you! Plus interviews with Makers Bill Reitz, Corey Fountain, Kevin Serwacki, and Chris Pallace- and more!

Featured Articles from Issue 12


Ice Cream

The best in town & where to get it.

Parlors, creameries, and even the clanging summons of the ice cream truck turn loyalty to tradition. Explore unfamiliar routes and make an ice cream pilgrimage this summer.


Brotherly Love

Rochester’s original Irish Folk duo

The Dady Brothers is what happens when you take a glass and fill it half-full with traditional Irish music, add in a quarter of bluegrass, a helping of Americana, top it off with a pinch of rock and roll, then shake it together and let it explode on stage.

Popular Articles From All Issues


Up Comes the Sun

Could the use of solar energy be a key in bolstering our city’s poorest neighborhoods?

For Dr. Susan Spencer and a growing collection of community-driven optimists in Rochester, solar energy goes way beyond being environmentally conscious.


Finding Burke


Taking one step forward and then back, Philip Burke approaches a blank canvas the same way a contemplative and unusually sensitive matador, in a better world, might face a bull.


Night Vision

A local high school hospice program helps teens find their way in the dark


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