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Inside Fall 2016: Interviews with artist Susan Pullman Brooks, Super Bowl winner Roland Williams, criminology professor Irshad Altheimer, and legendary wine expert Sherwood Deutsch. We meet storysmith Karl Smith for chat on the Charlotte Pier. We take a ride in a hot air balloon, and ponder astronomy. We hear Rochesterians talk about paying dues, the best Sunday tunes, and favorite cookbooks. We visit three area farms with unique specialties in garlic, livestock, and alpacas. We take an inside look at segregation in Rochester's school districts. Dan Martello explains the finer points of salt and shows us three ways to prepare tomatoes. We learn how to make bread and how to impress your friends with cheese. Finally, we meet the creative duo behind Walke Moore Tools.

Popular Articles From All Issues


Easy Rider

Imagine giving up your car for a motorized bike. No car. No gas. Just a bike to get around. Troy Rank did it. And he wants you to, too.


Robert Forster

The Academy Award-nominated actor chats with us about the past, the present, and never giving up


Heading East

Shaun Nelms leads the former East High back from the brink


Domino Effect

Hunger may be at the very root of Rochester’s problems—from low graduation rates to high rates of violent crimes.


Inside Out

Watercolor artist Andrea Durfee goes with the flow


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